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Complete Streets


Reclaiming The Right of Way

Complete Streets is a comprehensive design approach to planning, design, and construction of transportation systems that accommodate all users of the road regardless of their age, ability, or preferred mode of transportation. Complete Streets’ features include sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic signals, bicycle lanes, street furniture, landscaping and bicycle parking.  There are many community benefits to Complete Streets including improved quality of life, economic development, social equity, public health and safety, and ecological sustainability.

The Statewide Complete Streets Policy (Act 54) was enacted in 2009 and requires the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) and county transportation departments to adopt a Complete Streets Policy. The Honolulu City Council established its Complete Streets Policy for Honolulu County (Bill 26) in March 2012. The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), under the direction of the State Legislature, is currently working on implementing Complete Streets in Kaka’ako.